Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dermalogica Stress Positive Eye Lift

I hadn't even celebrated my 10th birthday when a school colleague at the time told me how she wished she had my eye bags, as they resembled Madonna's in then popular music video. Of course, what did a kid like me know about eye bags and circles? It was many years after that when I realized that I had hereditary dark, hollowed yet puffy under-eye area, with exceptionally thin, dry and sensitive skin under my eyes. There is no cure for this kind of problem, all you can do is sleep more, eat healthy, exercise, drink lots of water, moisturize under-eye area well and buy a good concealer. Massage also helps, whether done with fingers or Foreo Iris. However, it is not always possible to sleep 8 and more hours, nor avoid looking at your PC monitor all day. Adding to all the above, our eyes are "hard workers" - we blink 28000 days in just one day. We stress and stretch the skin around eyes by smiling, blinking and when we apply or take off our make-up. As the skin is app. 0,5 mm (0,02 inch) thin, it is the most sensitive and tender skin area on the entire body.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Monegal, Delacourte & YSL Perfume Events

Last 10 days were full of perfume events and you must already know how much I love perfume!

Martimex Niche Perfumes

Monday, March 27, 2017

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Review & Swatches

As a high-end foundation lover, 2017 has indeed been a true revelation for me when it comes to drugstore foundation brands. Also, I blame the Internet, as we are all surrounded by articles in which famous make-up artists testify about some of the new drugstore liquid foundations being equal, if not better, than many high-end foundations available at the moment. Since I can't wait to reveal it to you, Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation is definitely one of those foundations. 

Kao ljubitelju luksuznih pudera, 2017. godina donijela mi je prava otkrića, kada se radi o drogerijskim puderima. Također, krivim i Internet, koji me zasuo člancima o poznatim make-up umjetnicima koji hvale drogerijske pudere te ih stavljaju uz bok luksuznijim varijantama. Kako mi strpljivost nije vrlina, otkrit ću vam da Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless tekući puder svakako spada u jedan od tih pudera.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

L'Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Clay

If you are under stress, live in a big city, or maybe lead a very active life, there is a huge tendency that your scalp will produce more oil than it should be. Additionally, most of us fall under the category of those with colored or chemically processed hair. Taking into consideration all of the above problems, maybe unexpectedly, L'Oreal launched a line of hair products based on clay - L'Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Clay. It might not be as unexpectedly, as L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks were a huge hit, but I somehow never associated clay with hair products. Pretty clueless from me, as I learned that Moroccan clay hair mask is still quite popular around the world. 

Ako ste pod utjecajem stresa, ili ako živite u velikome gradu ili pak imate vrlo aktivni lifestyle, postoji velika mogućnost da vaš skalp proizvodi više masnoće nego što bi trebao. Dodatno, velika većina nas spada u grupu onih obojene ili kemijski procesirane kose. L'Oreal je uzeo u obzir sve te probleme i, možda neočekivano, lansirao liniju proizvoda za njegu kose baziranih na glini - L'Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Clay. Doduše, možda i ne tako neočekivano, pogotovo nakon uspjeha L'Oreal Pure Clay maski no nikada do sada nisam povezivala njegu kose s glinom. Pokazalo se da nisam u tijeku, jer je marokanska maska za kosu od gline dosta popularna diljem svijeta.

Oil produced from the scalp can build up causing the roots to become visibly greasy, weighing down the hair. Over-washing to combat this problem can strip the fiber leaving it dry. This results in a vicious cycle of washing. For the first time, L’Oréal Paris Laboratories have combined 3 refined clays (Kaolin, Argilane & Montmorillonite) to create its first re-balancing range revealing perfectly balanced hair. A delicate Clay texture is intended for hair purity, hydration and beauty.

• Scalp feels deeply purified for 72 hours with freshness and light, lifted roots.

• Dry hair feels hydrated right to the ends for fluid, free-flowing lengths.

• Revitalises the hair with softness, shine and bounce.

Pastel green Shampoo and Conditioner smell like fresh eucalyptus mixed with characteristic fruity Elseve scent. They are both of medium thickness, look and feel creamy and give your hair a fresh, clean look and feel. Since my hair is normal, color processed and needs an occasional spray of a dry shampoo, I would say that they definitely prolonged my blowout for a day and a half. However, the real star of the line is the pre-shampoo Masque that contains 30% clay. Not only that I love the scent of clay mixed with eucalyptus and its creaminess, but I also love the idea of a pre-shampoo treatment where you massage this sumptuous texture delicately onto dry roots using your fingertips. Then, you massage the clay into the scalp, section by section until you’ve covered the entire scalp, leave up to 5 minutes and rinse while massaging the scalp. I definitely recommend getting the mask together with the shampoo and I will be waiting for that Clay Dry Shampoo to appear in our market, L'Oreal you hear me, right? :) Have you tried the Extraordinary Clay line and what are your first impressions?


Skalp proizvodi masnoće koje se mogu taložiti na korijenu kose, koja tada postaje vidno masna i otežala. Kako bi se riješili tog problema, kosu prečesto peremo, te time isušujemo vlas kose. Prvi puta, L'Oreal Paris laboratoriji spojili su 3 plemenite gline (Kaolin, Argilane & Montmorillonite), kako bi kreirali prvu liniju za ujednačavanje kose, otkrivajući savršeno uravnoteženu i njegovanu kosu. Nježna tekstura gline za čistu, hidratiziranu i prekrasnu kosu.

• Osjećaj duboko pročišćenog vlasišta tijekom 72 sata uz svježinu i lakoću, te podignuti korijen kose.

• Kosa je hidratizirana do vrhova koji slobodno lepršaju.

• Revitalizira kosu i čini je mekom, sjajnom i lepršavom.

Pastelno zeleni šampon i regenerator mirišu poput svježeg eukaliptusa pomiješanog s karakterističnim, voćnim Elseve mirisom. Srednje su gustoće, kremastog izgleda i osjeta, te kosi daruju svjež i čist izgled i osjećaj. Moja je kosa normalna, bojana i potreban joj je povremeni dodir suhog šampona. Extraordinary Clay šampon i regenerator produljili su moju fen frizuru za dodatnih dan i pol. Moram naglasiti da je zvijezda linije definitivno maska prije šamponiranja za temeljito čišćenje tjemena, koju umasirate u suhi skalp prije pranja kose, a koja sadrži čak 30% gline. Ne samo da obožavam taj miris gline pomiješane s eukaliptusom, već mi je vrlo privlačna i sama ideja tretmana prije pranja kose, gdje ovu raskošnu teksturu nježno umasiravam u suho tjeme, dio po dio sve do prekrivanja cijelog vlasišta, odnosno do dva prsta od samoga tjemena. Nakon 5 minuta, isprati uz laganu masažu. Maska je za svaku preporuku, pogotovo ako već imate šampon. Sada tek iščekujem da se na našemu tržištu pojavi Cay suhi šampon, nadam se da L'Oreal sluša. :) Jeste li već isprobali Extraordinary Clay liniju i kakvi su vaši dojmovi?

*PR products

Friday, March 10, 2017

New In February & March

It seems that every spring my desire for make-up hauls grows just a tiny bit, so I brought some new stuff into my make-up routine.Since I got tired with my old-school brushes, I invested into Real Techniques Your Base Core Collection Gift Set, as well as into some new powders and new YSL mascara. Take a look into my new make-up additions and short reviews based on their short-term performance.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Best Make-up Collections for Spring 2017

Although I might have mentioned that autumn make-up collections are usually the most interesting creations of every year, the spring ones are definitely most expected and usually very wearable, full of spring enthusiasm and fresh glow. This spring is no exception, so take a look at some of the most beautiful make-up collections for Spring 2017.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

5 Best & 5 Worst Beauty Products in 2016

Athough it seems that 2017 started a long time ago, it is never too late to mention a few beauty products that surprised me in 2016. Although I already have developed methods of buying beauty products, mistakes happen even to the best of us! :) Take a look at the top and flop 5 beauty products in 2016!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks

Happy 2017! New Year is the perfect time to start taking care of our skin more and that includes frequent usage of face masks. These beautiful L'Oreal Pure Clay Masks cater to every skin need, whether it's oily skin with enlarged pores, dull skin or skin in need of exfoliation.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas our dear readers, from our families to yours! Wishing you love, happiness, health and peace. We hope you spend your Christmas with your loved ones and feel the true spirit of Christmas. And of course, a little bit of champagne and an occasional gift won't hurt as well. The older we get, the more we understand that receiving is often better than giving. Therefore, do something nice this Christmas for someone in need, whether it is a child or a grandpa.

Love, Foxy & Cvrcak