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10 Things I Learned In 2015

Learning is what keeps us vital and is a source of mental and physical youth. I hope you learned a lot in 2015 and would also like to share with you all the beauty things that I learned in 2015. Positive curiosity is the driving force of learning and throughout the year you can find me behind my laptop surfing the Internet, searching for cosmetic innovations and watching YouTube videos. Therefore, I hope you like ten beauty things that I found out about in 2015!

  1. Double Cleanse
Since I started practicing the ritual of double cleansing, my face is visibly cleaner, with less occasional pimples and absorbs skincare products much better. The secret is in choosing different textures of facial cleansers, so I use micellar water first and then follow with cleansing milk, foam or cleansing oil, to prevent my skin from drying. Try cleaning your face once and then repeat the process with a cleaner of different formula. You will be surprised how many make-up will still be left on cleansing pads.

Uriage cleansing foam and milk

  1. In The mix
Many of us have combination skin, and in that case, it is completely fine to apply face cream for oilier skins on the T-zone, while you nourish the cheeks with a richer cream and/or serum. Also, in 2015 I sometimes mixed a drop or two of a cold pressed oil into my liquid foundation and the results were amazing. The combination of different products and textures is an excellent thing! Sometimes, I even mixed two different liquid foundations, following the advice of professional make-up artists, so I got a totally different texture and a new level of coverage.

Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation and Alpstories Argan Oil

  1. Less Is More
We already know that usually "less is more", and this saying is applicable in beauty habits as well. It is liberating to give up your black smokey eye or powders during the weekend. The same goes for clothes so I love wearing jeans, white T-shirt and sneakers all weekend. I forgot about strong patterns and renewed my love for clean cuts and basic colors. Just look at my style role model Claire Underwood from the popular series House of Cards.

Claire Underwood (Robin Wright)

  1. Facial Massage
Facial massage with precious oils is better than any expensive treatment and I started to implement it into my skincare routine this winter. Slightly warm a cold pressed argan, avocado, almond or olive oil between your fingers and it will work wonders for your tired and dehydrated skin. Therefore, at least once a week, massage your face while watching this video, and learn a cheap trick to shine.

Lisa Eldridge

  1. Undereye Circles Be Gone
For years I have been a victim of dark undereye circles under, which are unfortunately genetically inherited and can never be completely erased. This year I finally found a combination that suits me, in the form of Anastasia Beverly Hills creamy concealer and excellent Beauty Blender Mini, that make my circles look photoshopped.

Beauty Blender Mini and Anastasia Beverly Hills Concealer 1.0

  1. Bye-Bye to Strong Contouring
Do not think that I am a priori against contouring. Sometimes, especially for evening looks and less perfect facial contours, contouring can be a beautiful thing. However, for a natural day look, especially if you want to look younger, contouring is unnecessary and rather invest in a good highlighter and try strobing technique.

Konturiranje Kim K and Desi Perkins strobing

  1. Korean Cosmetics
A cheaper and more advanced than most expensive and famous brands, Korean cosmetics finally get the praise they deserve. It was only this fall that I shyly started exploring all of the charms of Korean beauty, and now I am already obsessed with research innovations of South Korean laboratories.

Tony Moly Pig Collagen Hydrogel Mask, Koelf Ruby & Bulgarian Rose Eye Patch, Tony Moly Mr. Charlie’s Smile Line Patch, Tony Moly Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch

  1. Lighter Is Younger
Whether it comes to hair color, lipstick, eye shadow or clothing, the rule is that brighter colors rejuvenate. I do not mean that natural brunettes have to become blondes, but a couple of highlights, white shirt or a few shades lighter lipstick attract more light to your face and make you look fresher.

Eva Mendes as a brunette and darker blonde

  1. Personal Brows
In 2015 we saw more than enough beauty bloggers and models with perfect eyebrows. The point is not that all of our eyebrows have the same shape and density, but finding our own natural and most beautiful shape, that fits our faces and our character. We have to keep in mind that brows shouldn't be too thin or too thick and their shape should be determined by our natural predisposition. Also, the beginning and end of the eyebrows must not be of the same intensity, they should go from more discreet to more defined starting from the inner corner to the outer, all in order to achieve the most natural look.

AW 2015 Catwalk Models

  1. Action Means Reaction
Perfumeries, drugstores and webshops are fortunately constantly having sales and discounts and 2015 was no different. Although it is sometimes quite foolish to buy cosmetics in advance, the products that you continually use are great to have in stock, especially if you manage to get them at a discounted price. Most of the brands and companies have their own Facebook page and you can find all the information about deals and discounts that save your time and money there. Also, be sure to always check the batch code!

Online and store sales

What have you learned and/or incorporated into your beauty routine in 2015 and do you follow some of my last year's discoveries as well?

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