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Lierac Hydragenist Moisturizing Serum

First things first, I wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a lot of health, joy and love in the New Year! The first week of the New Year is the perfect time to talk about spoiling ourselves. For instance, this light pink serum that supplies skin with pure oxygen and deeply hydrates. It does not get better than that, I was sold immediately after seeing the first commercial. Obviously I tortured my loved ones with my obsession, because my friend bought this serum as a birthday gift for me. So, I finally tried Lierac Hydragenist moisturizing serum, fell in love with it and incorporated it into my daily skincare winter routine. Did I mention that it is light pink?

Hydragenist moisturizing oxygenating replumping serum for all skin types gives a smoothing, "second skin" effect. When we approach thirties, our skin becomes significantly dehydrated and lifeless, there are lines and wrinkles and the skin becomes gray, losing its freshness. Lierac Laboratories created Hydragenist, skincare line inspired by the tissue oxygenation, aesthetic technique that involves spraying pure oxygen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins for the sole purpose of skin hydration. Day after day, facial skin is smoothed, fine lines and wrinkles disappear and the plumpness reveals new fresh skin. In Hydragenist line there are four fresh textured products: other than the serum there are also moisturizing cream, moisturizing cream-gel and extreme moisturizing rescue balm.


All products are enriched with NMF complex (10%) for instant hydration (NMF = natural moisturizing factors) and give the skin a plumping effect. With a high concentration of Hydra O2 complex (15%), this serum is also enriched with fruit AHA acids (0.5%), which give the skin an injection of hydration. Hydra O2 complex (biomimetic oxygen, hyaluronic acid and Vernonia leaves) was inspired by the technique of tissue oxygenation, used in aesthetic medicine. In short, this unique combination of powerful, highly effective active ingredients is the culmination of Lierac hybrid cosmetics that combine the best of science and nature. Fresh, soft and feminine fragrance combines notes of rose water, jasmine and gardenia. The serum is dermatologically tested, non-comedogenic and formulated without parabens.

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Lierac Hydragenist Moisturizing Oxygenating Replumping Serum is recommended for women over age 30 who need skin hydration, that also goes a step further, but are not psychologically ready to accept anti-age care, as well as for women over 40, looking for hydration and expecting anti-aging benefits. Lierac recommends applying a few drops to the face in the morning and/or evening, alone or before your regular care. Also, you can mix a few drops into your foundation for a smoother application and soft skin. Price for 30 ml is app. EUR 50, my serum was a gift (and I hereby apologize to my friend for investigating the price), but Lierac can often be found on monthly discounts in Farmacia pharmacies (Croatia) or online here.

What does Hydragenist Serum do:
  • enhances hydration
  • plumps the skin
  • reduces lines and wrinkles
  • restores freshness

Clinically proven efficacy of Hydragenist serum includes the following:
  • acts like an injection of hydration, which is increased by 115% in 2 hours after application
  • enhances the efficiency of day care and boosts hydration for 50% more than the usual care products
  • replumps skin by 19%
  • reduces wrinkles by 14%
  • gives freshness and radiance to skin tone as much as 51%
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Starting from the packaging itself, Hydragenist serum is very luxurious and provides a sense of comfort. It is contained in a rather heavy matte glass bottle with pipette, which can accurately dispense the desired amount of serum. It is so beautiful to look at in your cosmetic cabinet, but I would not recommend it for travelling, as I feel it could get damaged by accident and would feel heavy in you luggage. Just about 3 drops are enough for the entire face and neck. Serum is quite fluid in texture, almost watery and smells very faint, mostly of rosewater and gardenia. Although most hydrating serums usually leave a sticky feeling on the skin, this is not the case with this serum.

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It is quickly absorbed, with no sticky or greasy feeling on the skin. Afterwards, you can apply your day or night cream. I had testers od Lierac Hydragenist extreme moisturizing rescue balm and it goes perfectly with the serum, but I have been using it with various creams and it complemented every one of them. It is an excellent base for a cream and you can feel your skin drinking it up with great thirst. I use it once a day, solely for saving purposes, but it can also be used twice a day. It will suit all skin types and all ages in need of hydration.


What I liked:

  • packaging with a pipette for a hygienic and convenient dosing 
  • light, liquid, almost watery texture
  • light pink color (have I mentioned it enough already?) and its delicate scent
  • noticeably enhanced hydration
  • leaves skin soft and supple

What I did not like:

  • after a while, I noticed there is alcohol in the composition, but it did not bother me

In early fall, I went to a pharmacy to check the hydration level of my skin and the computer showed considerable dehydration. After about a month of using Hydragenist serum, I went for a re-check of my skin moisture level. It showed a significant improvement: this time, even at 6 pm, my skin was on the lower border of the satisfactory skin hydration. Since I have not introduced other new products in my permanent routine, I'll credit this fact to a favorable effect of Lierac's Hydragenist serum and will continue to use it at least once a day. In about seven weeks of using it daily, I have spent about one fifth of the bottle, so I consider it a good value for money. Do you have your favorite moisturizing serum and do you fall for a good advertisement and the manufacturer's claims like me? :)

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