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Top 10 In 2015

It is an extremely difficult task to write a list of the best beauty products in one year. I do not want to sound like I am complaining about the quantity of the products that I had the opportunity to buy or receive for a review, as the situation is quite the opposite! In 2015 I tried a lot of great beauty products that deserve to be on my favorites' list and I had to leave out at least five products that should have been on the list as well. In no particular order, I bring you ten of my favorite products in 2015.

Uriage micellar water, cleansing foam and milk
Cleaners must be simple to use and suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Uriage cleansers meet the criteria and the price is more than acceptable. Uriage cleansers followed my previous, almost as good, Garnier micellar water and all three types of Uriage micellar water, as well as the  cleansing foam and milk, really delighted me and are still on my shelves as the only products I currently use to clean my face.

The best night cream that I have had a chance to try during the last few years is also a treatment that gives you additional two hours of precious sleep. Nuxellence Detox, night anti-aging fluid, is suitable for all skin types and age groups. Detoxifies, revitalizes and visibly rejuvenates the skin and even contains 91.7% ingredients of natural origin. Perfect for a late bedtime and visibly fresher skin in the morning.

A smaller version of Beauty Blender, Beauty Blender Micro Mini, is ideal for small areas of the face. I bought it solely for covering dark circles, after I got tired of the old, dirty sponge and from that point, I couldn't be without it any more. I use it every day, wash it every second to third day, after it gets dirty all over. It is very soft and perfect for applying concealer. For me, the best way is to apply it with a concealer brush and gently pat it with Micro Mini. It is soft, does not pull the skin, washes out perfectly, blends seamlessly and wins in every single way compared to any other form of blending (fingers, brush or plain sponge).

ABH concealer is an excellent companion to Beauty Blender, but if you dislike applying your concealer with a sponge, you can feel free to apply it with your fingers as well. It offers great coverage, helps to cover and erase dark circles, pigmentation problems and other irregularities. Creamy formula does not emphasize the small wrinkles and remains almost intact until you take all of your make-up off. Basically, it does everything a good concealer should do. I use it daily and actually quite a lot of it and can testify that it will last for a long time. I have been using it for over six months and so far I used less than half of the jar. ABH has just introduced a new product, Brow Definer, which combines the best of Brow Wiz and Dipbrow Pomade, I can not wait for the first reviews.

This toning lotion was my first Nikel product. After I used it entirely, I returned to buying less expensive lotions. Of course, once you try it, you won't be as satisfied with any other, so you guessed it, I am currently on the third bottle. It is formulated without alcohol, gently smells of a rose flower and is suitable also as a compress for tired eyes. I am warning you that it does not last long, but I simply can not live without it anymore, because it definitely makes a difference in the everyday beauty routine.

Although I am so late with this review, take my word that I am thrilled with both Nikel oil and eye cream with chestnut that target the sensitive under eye area. My extremely delicate, thin and dry under eye area just loves these two products. I gently pat the oil before bedtime and follow with the eye cream, and in the morning I just use the chestnut cream. Having been using them for almost three months, I plan to repurchase when I hit the pan. The oil will last me for another few months for sure, and I used approximately half of the eye cream jar. Eye oil nourishes and the eye cream lightly tightens, moisturizes and reduces eye bags. Nikel definitely won the fight with all other eye products in 2015.

RoC Anti-Wrinkle Smoothing Fluid SPF50 +
Fear greasy creams with SPF no more. There are no more visible traces of white residue on our faces with this RoC fluid with a high SPF, which combines sun protection and anti-aging technology with hyaluronic acid. Fluid retains youthfulness of the skin and acts as a protectant against wrinkles for a younger, firmer skin. Advanced technology perfected this new generation of sun protection. SPF always and everywhere!

This intensive repairing and retinol enriched moisturizer nourishes dry skin and repairs the signs of aging. I use it mostly at night when I notice that my skin is thirsty and in the morning I wake up with smooth, soft and nourished skin. I haven't had any reaction to retinol in the composition of this cream and I consider the Intensive Repair Cream my favorite retinol product in 2015. I noticed that Paula's Choice has some amazing new products in 2016!

If you have normal to combination skin, without serious skin issues, Maestro just might be the ideal fusion foundation for you. You can't feel it on your skin and it enhances the complexion almost like Photoshop. It is best when you apply it with fingers and it was my favorite foundation in 2015. Although I get easily bored with one foundation, every time I apply it on my face, I am thrilled how good it looks in daylight.

I tried this perfume so many times in a perfumery that I am ashamed to admit. Finally I caved in and bought La Vie Est Belle L'Absolu. When top notes of pear and blackcurrant become middle notes in the form of the heart of iris, jasmine and rose, tonka bean penetrates together with cashmere wood and sweet pralines. It is warm like the softest winter cashmere sweater. This is the only perfume that I can't smell on myself, so the compliments of others remind me how luxurious and elegant L'Absolu is.

I already mentioned that at least five products didn't make it to this list, such as BeautyUK Pro Gel Eyeliner or Look by Bipa eyeliner, but they still have time to become favorites in 2016! Have you tried any of the products on my list and have you discovered your beauty gems in 2015?

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  1. ahh i totally love your blog. i always enjoy myself reading reviews about beauty products. i have tried Armani Maestro SPF15 and its a bomb foundation! i can never get bored with it.