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Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow

The invisible glow, Maestro Fusion Makeup Glow Nourishing Bi-Phase Elixir is the first two-phase elixir that combines precious nourishing oils and pure color pigments. It nourishes, brightens the complexion, provides a translucent glow and gives the skin a no make-up effect. Honestly, this is quite possibly the best foundation I've ever used. If you have normal to dry skin, don't want or need a heavy powder and strive for a natural glow that comes from within, Maestro Glow offers the look close to perfection.

Maestro Glow Foundation improves the complexion with a fresh, natural glow, thanks to an extremely light texture and adaptive coverage. When applied, Maestro Glow Foundation glides over the skin, providing an immediate feeling of hydration and at the same time nourishes and gives a lasting glow. It contains SPF 30 for everyday protection against UV radiation. Thanks to these nourishing oils, its texture is easy to apply and perfect for women with dry skin. After four weeks, there is a noticeable improvement of hydration levels. Nourishing oils are merged with pure pigments, and every drop of foundation improves the complexion.

Like Maestro Fusion liquid foundation, Maestro Glow does not contain water. The formula contains a high concentration of nourishing oils, without the greasy feeling. The skin looks perfect, very natural and soft to the touch. Maestro Glow is inspired by the Maestro Fusion fluid, especially in its lightness and silky feeling, but this time, thanks to the combination of oils and pigments, it gives instant and long lasting glow, like the light that comes from within. You should shake it well before use to mix nourishing oils with color pigments for a long-lasting perfect look and inner glow.

Experts from the Giorgio Armani Beauty laboratories chose three nourishing oils that release the following:
  • Top: volatile oils that balance the complexion without greasiness
  • Middle: half-volatile oils that give a perfect complexion natural glow
  • Base: high proportion of natural, nourishing oils with antioxidant properties (apricot oil, passion fruit and rice germ oils), known for restoring lipid balance in the epidermis and strengthening its natural protection, together with enhancing skin brightness

Excessive sebum is absorbed thanks to fillers, similar to the structure of those that NASA used to capture stardust in space, thereby allowing better stability of pigments.

At first glance, Maestro Glow is very liquid and bi-phased. I was kindly given MG in shade 5.5, which is a nuance darker than the original Maestro, that I have in 5.0. Fortunately, I should say, because it gives such glow that it actually looks lighter and brighter than the original Maestro. Therefore, 5.5 is a perfect shade for my light to medium skin with neutral undertones. For comparison, I wear MAC NC25, Guerlain #02 Beige Clair, and in most other drugstore and luxury brands I usually range between the second or third shade starting from the lightest. Maestro Glow definitely must be shaken well. If you want light to medium coverage, you should squeeze out 4-6 drops from the very practical pipette. You can dose the level of coverage, but I would say it fits in the category of light to medium coverage, that can be upgraded to medium, if desired. Usually I start with a couple of drops and add one by one to the desired parts of the face, massaging them in with my fingers, starting from the middle of the face outwards.

Without any noticeable scent, it is very liquid and easy to apply. It glides nicely when applied with your fingers, which is also my favorite method of application. I feel that it is best if the oils are warmed between my fingertips. If you prefer applying with brush or fingers, I suggest that you put some Maestro Glow to the back of your hand or face, and then spread it out with a synthetic brush or sponge (BeautyBlender). BeautyBlender is, in addition to fingers, my preferred method of application. Although extremely lightweight, like water, it perfectly covers all irregularities, blemishes and pigmentations. The first thing that comes to mind is that it feels like a dry oil and every time you apply it, you experience a mini facial treatment.

Although it does look quite dark in these two photos, MG actually attracts light and looks much lighter on your face.

When you compare Maestro Glow with other liquid foundations that promise to make you glow, it is simply incomparable. Most foundations make you glow either with mica particles or a heavy oily texture. Maestro Glow contains no shimmer nor will you, after application, have the feeling like you're being covered in oil. It is definitely more suitable for girls with normal to dry skin, but those of you with combination skin will love it as well, especially if you want a natural glow and if you put a bit of a translucent powder on your T-zone. During weekdays I do the translucent powder on my T-zone over Maestro Glow thing, but on weekends I skip this step and enjoy the natural glow using just MG.

Maestro Glow does everything I expected (and more), and all that I had hoped that Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum would. HM Serum Foundation made me greasy and slid across the face after only two to three hours of wear. Instead of greasy-looking complexion that Bourjois HM Serum was guilty of, Maestro Glow truly covers all irregularities and gives you that inner glow. It also makes you look younger and in the mirror you will see a more perfect version of yourself. It also lasts the entire day, which is one of my basic requirements that I seek from a liquid foundation. Please be careful if you will be photographed during night time, as it might look a bit "ghostly", due to high SPF protection.

Wearing only face serum and moisturizing cream. 

Maestro Glow 5.5, I have no powder or concealer here.

What differs it from the Maestro Fusion Fluid:
  • gives a glow from within, MF is more matte
  • nourishing and comfortable on skin
  • MG for normal to dry skin, MF for normal to oily
  • ideal for those with dry patches on their cheeks

What I liked:
  • hygienic and practical packaging with pipette
  • extremely light and silky texture
  • perfect for normal to dry skin, as well as for women with fine lines and wrinkles
  • lightweight, but provides good coverage
  • long-lasting on the skin, without the feeling like you are wearing make-up

What I didn't like:
  • I couldn't find ingredients list online, I think it contains alcohol, but it did not bother me at all

If all you need this spring is to achieve that inner glow, freshness and visibly younger, perfect complexion, Maestro Glow is your answer. I fell in love with the advanced bi-phased texture and every morning is now a mini ritual which ends with a beautiful complexion. Maestro Glow's worst flaw is that now I have no idea how to live without it and I plan on saving money for a new bottle when I'm close to the end of my bottle. You can buy it here or here. What do you think of Maestro Glow and are you a glow fan, like me?

*PR product
** You can read Croatian version here.
*** Photos are non retouched in any way.

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