Monday, February 1, 2016

Best Make-up Collections for Spring 2016

Remember how I wrote in the fall that the autumn make-up collections are usually the richest and most expected in the entire year? Now, I feel obliged to add that the spring make-up collections might not be the most anticipated, but they are certainly the most lively and colorful, full of expectations that come with the awakening of nature and sun rays. Pastel colors and a serious amount of glow are the common denominator for the luxury make-up collections for spring 2016.

Armani Sepia

Armani presents a combined collection for spring and summer through a limited mini collection that promises the perfect face, as if you were using sepia filter. The patina of old photographs shines through the star of the collection - Compact Foundation which is also a highlighter and a contouring powder.

Bobbi Brown Spring Glow

Glow, and more spring glow is perfectly incorporated in Bobbi Brown's spring collection that invites the colors of early spring into the winter nuances. Long-Wear Gel Sparkle is a new variant of the famous Bobbi Brown cream eye shadows and just look at these highlighters that will give your face a fresh and new spring glow.

Chanel L.A. sunrise

Vibrant colors of a warm L.A. day dominate Chanel's spring make-up vision. Flashes of emerald green, purple, blue and pink reminisce the beautiful California sunsets.

Dior Glowing Gardens

Colorful spring blooming flowers are embraced with a sumptuous splendor of the new Dior collection. Just look at the Dior Nude Air Glowing Gardens highlighter, inspired by the strobing technique which will quickly point to the absolute must-have item of this collection. Eyeshadow sticks offer the possibility of shading and/or precise lining, depending on your personal preference, and perfectly capture the playful colors of Dior bright spring gardens.

Givenchy La Revelation Originelle

Givenchy Poudre Lumiere Originelle is a star of Givenchy spring collection, ornated with a lovely pink detailing. The collection is complemented by soft shades of blue, yellow and pink, like a real spring floral revelation.

Guerlain Meteorites and La Petite Robe Noire

Guerlain is my weakness, I have to admit. Meteorites were first launched in 1987 and I still remember a lesson I got from my Mom when I was found guilty of scattering them on the carpet. In these 30 years, the collection has expanded to compact powders, as well as liquid foundations and luxurious primers, that look so good that we sometimes don't want to open and use them daily. I leave you with Guerlain photosthat will probably leave you speechless.

From Lancome With Love

Lancome Parisian makeup collection for spring 2016 reveals two stars in the collection: My Parisian cream blush and my Parisian Shimmer cube. Both of these jewels look more than beautiful and if you are a true collector, I suggest pre-registration at the Lancome counter, as this spring Lancome really outdid themselves.

MAC Flamingo Park, Charlotte Olympia, Ariana Grande and Velvetease

Overwhelmed by the number of MAC collections, I have long ceased to follow them one by one. Chanel has awakened the Californian spirit this spring, and MAC is back in Miami with typical colors of sexy Florida. Flamingo pink marks the entire collection. Also, this spring MAC will delight us with the collaboration with one of the most famous accessories' designer, Charlotte Olympia, as well as with the Viva Glam campaign that features Ariana Grande. Also, there is an attractive Velvetease collection that promotes new velvet lipstick pencils. This is only the beginning of countless MAC make-up collections for the upcoming spring and summer.

NARS Nouvelle Vogue
For Spring 2016, NARS debuts a fresh and modern mix of seasonal shades and innovative textures for eyes, cheeks and lips. Orchid blush radiates from a natural, matte complexion and lips captivate in shimmering apricot, rose and mulled wine. Eyes mesmerize in icy mint, matte beige and bronzed rose tones paired with a bold, winged liner. The must-have of the season: Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow.

Tom Ford Runway

Tom Ford Patent Finish Lip Color promises a deep color with a light texture and shine. With a range of beautiful discrete shades of cream eye shadows and eyeliners, everyone can find their perfect shade for spring.

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani

Urban Decay is famous for its rock chic and this spring collaboration with Gwen Stefani represents a true rock spirit. From beautiful nude and pink shades to the statement red lipstick, this Urban Decay collection combines the best of feminine looks and rock chic.

YSL Boho Stones

Who can evoke the boho look better than a luxury Yves Saint Laurent make-up collection? Dominated by soft pink and emerald, it will make you want to tie a silk scarf around your hair and use YSL palettes that look like they were made from precious stones as precious talismans.

Have you picked your favorites from these make-up collections for spring 2016 and what is your favorite collection?

*Promotional photos

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