Friday, April 29, 2016

Le Blush Crème de Chanel Revelation 63

Two years after buying and using up my first Le Blush Crème de Chanel, I decided that it is the perfect time to a review a king of all cream blushes.

A cream blush that sculpts and emphasises cheekbones. A melt-away texture with a silky feel. Vibrant, luminous shades with a satiny finish. Result: a fresh complexion and an instant healthy glow effect with adjustable coverage.Take some  Le Blush Crème de Chanel with your finger, put it on the back of your hand and remove excess, or take the desired amount and gently dab on the top of cheekbones, smoothing it outwards. Le Blush Crème de Chanel contains a combination of non-oily emollient botanical oils and specific powders for a soft, comfortable feel and a long-wear result.

The price for 2,5 g is app. 40 EUR in the EU and is obviously cheaper if you are in the USA or UK, where you can get it for 38 USD or 28 GBP. 

Le Blush is packaged in distinctive in an elegant black Chanel box with a mirror, hidden under a velvet sleeve.

Revelation 63 is a beautiful peachy-pink shade, which resembles the color of a ripe watermelon. Although Chanel initially released six colors of the cream blush, currently I can find only 3 colors on their website: apart from Revelation 63, there are Affinité 65 (intense pink delicate cyclamen) and Chamade 67 (dark pink with reddish undertones). I remember that there used to be 3 more colors: Destiny 61 (neutral medium tan), Présage 62 (peach) and Inspiration 64 (pale pink with cool undertones). I was indecisive between 62, 63 and 64, but I seriously can't resist peachy-pink shades. Therefore, Revelation 63 was an excellent choice. Swatches of all shades are available here.

Le Blush Crème de Chanel Revelation 63 in the pan

What might surprise you is a relatively small amount of blush in the packaging, but with daily use it lasted me almost two years. Blush has not dried even a bit and has not changed its texture or smelled foul, even after all this time (you should use it in 18 months, as recommended).

The texture is the most amazing quality of Le Blush. It is creamy to the touch, but once you apply it, it turns into a very fine powder, without the powdery feeling and appearance of the skin. The look and feel of Le Blush on the skin is by far more natural than any other cream or powder blush that I had the opportunity to try. Color is perfectly natural and melts with the skin, lasting up to 8 hours. It will suit all skin types, even oily. It will last a bit shorter on oily cheeks though. I like to apply it under, but also over my liquid foundation, before my loose powder. I recommend that you apply all cream products before powders. It is best to gently pat it with your fingers, but recently I have been applying it with my MAC #129 brush and it just looks so perfect. I suppose you could use the sponge as well, but I have not been using mine so that I don't have to wash it as much. :)

What I liked:

  • beautiful, distinctive, minimalist Chanel packaging with mirror
  • beautiful watermelon color
  • very natural appearance
  • easy to apply with your fingers and brush
  • not a classic cream blush, when in contact with the skin it turns into some kind of powder (not in the classic meaning of the word)
  • lasts long on the cheeks and in your makeup bag
Swatch on my skin in daylight.

What I did not like:

  • price can not be taken as a minus, because Chanel does not ask for price 

Revelation 63 on my cheek in daylight.

Le Blush Crème de Chanel is definitely not cheap nor is it something that you must have in your makeup bag. You must have it if you want a natural, extremely long-lasting cream blush, and is ideal for ageing and/or dry skin. Do you prefer creamy or powdery blushes? What is your favorite blush color?

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