Saturday, April 23, 2016

Purple On, Prince!

My first music memory was listening to "Little Red Corvette" in the back seat of my Grandma's red Peugeot 205 while my sis was driving. I was 10 years old, cruising by the lake. Never have I thought that I would feel legitimate sadness once my music idol passes away. In fact, I have never had any idols, especially music idols, it just so happened that Prince's music was always there for me while growing up. Throughout these 27 years, his albums were the only mandatory equipment in my car and sometimes the only comforting place in my adulthood. He showed that quirky was cool. That being different is what brings you forward and makes you interesting. And sexy, oh God so sexy. That the borders are here to cross and beliefs to be wondered about. That purple glitter is always in. I can't imagine the world without Prince, it just feels like he is still around. Rest in peace and thank you, Little Prince, you will be greatly missed, but I know that you are better off playing for my Grandma in heaven.

Art by Jenna Crawford

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