Thursday, April 14, 2016

Unusual Fashion Combinations

Unusual combinations are an indication of style and are the basis of modern fashion. Sadly, I often miss the courage to experiment with fashion, but spring is a great opportunity to step out of our fashion route. Street style is just as important as catwalk in the fashion world and is an amazing source of inspiration for new fashion ideas and challenges. I love seeing new ideas and ways of combining different clothing pieces, so I collected a couple of fashion ideas that may not be reserved only for the brave among us, as they are suitable even for the less daring.

Skinny jeans + dress

Skinny jeans go perfectly even with the lightest and shortest summer dresses, therefore this combination is great for this crazy spring weather. The dress will go great with jeans, especially if you have one that shrunk or you don't have the courage to wear it separately. It will fit great if you are slender as it will emphasize the curves, but equally it will also suit fuller girls, as it will definitely hide any unwanted imperfections. If you are shorter, the dress should be shorter too, so that you don't get lost in all the layers.

Photos: ZARA SS16, Maja Wyh & Pinterest (streetstyle)

Shirt or T-shirt + corset / bustier

If you have a corset in your closet (see how it even rhymes!), I guess you do not wear it quite that often, and maybe you sometimes (like me) regret that you have nowhere to wear it to. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to pair it with a shirt or a plain T-shirt. With a great pair of jeans and some heels, it will look both elegant and provocative, especially if you are going out for some drinks or dinner. An added bonus is that you don't need to wash it after every wear if worn with a shirt underneath and it will stay as new for a longer while. In addition, this combination looks very chic, like it was designed by Issey Miyake.

Photos: Pininterest (streetstyle) & Afterdrk

Shirt or T-shirt + dress

T-shirt or top are excellent options under a revealing, strapless or sleeveless dress that you're dying to wear during the day, especially if the weather does not allow revealed back and chest. Instead of a T-shirt, wear a classic shirt that looks very elegant, just make sure it is not too wide, to avoid any unwanted bulks.

Photos: Atlantic-Pacific, Pinterest (streetstyle & Ulyana Sergeenko)

Slip or camisole + suit

The secret of an appropriate and modern fashion lies in the combination of the opposites: if you are wearing a pair of skinny jeans, balance it by wearing a wider shirt or bomber jacket with it. If you are wearing a deep neckline, combine it with pants. If you love leather pants, soften them with a silk shirt or blazer. The same goes for the rule of provocative, yet decent fashion combos: strict suit will become softer if you are wearing a lacy slip or camisole with it. This fashion combination will emphasize the discreet provocation, and at the same time it will remain a very decent fashion choice, suitable for everyday wear.

Photos: ZARA SS16, Pinterest (backstage & Britney Spears)

Men's shirt + shorts

Another outfit made of the two opposites is an excellent choice for weekends and leisure time. One can often look quite "naked" while wearing the shorts, so the shirt that looks like you've borrowed it from your man is a perfect way to cover up a little skin and look both casual and relaxed. If long enough, you can tighten the waist with a nice leather belt and wear it with shorts as a dress, without the risk of feeling "naked".

Photos: Song of Style, Pinterest (Rihanna & Chrissy Teigen)

Would you try out one of the above suggestions? Would you wear some of these unusual combinations, or do have your favorite unusual fashion combo?

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