Friday, June 10, 2016

15 years of Giorgio Armani Beauty & New Summer Make-up

Every time you get an invitation for a Giorgio Armani Beauty event, you know it will be exquisite. There is no better learning than enjoying in make-up lessons from a Giorgio Armani Face Designer himself, Mr. Reza Zaimeche. These are the tricks and tips that you do not have the opportunity to hear every day, first handedly. With the inestimable value of transferred knowledge about the skill and art of make-up, I will also show you three gems from the Armani Beauty Summer 2016 make-up collection, that you have to see for yourself and please let me explain why you have to try them all.

It is pure pleasure to watch a make-up artist combine color and texture. When Mr. Zaimeche put make-up on the model, we learned many tricks, that I will try to elaborate in short:

  • day foundation is very light and Reza likes to mix textures of Maestro foundation together with Fluid Sheer for a natural glow, sometimes mixing a bit of bronze for a warmer, summery look
  • liquid blush (also Fluid Sheer) is applied with a brush, not necessarily fingers
  • face is always dusted with a very light layer of transparent powder
  • you can see the true mastery of a make-up artist when applying eye make-up: after Eye Tint Fluid Eye and a light layer of eyeliner on the upper eyelid, which are the basis of every Armani look, the secret is in blending eyeshadows on topn and everyone can create their own individual color mixing Fluid Sheer with pencils, eye shadows, gels, etc.
  • every product is multi-purpose and can be combined and mixed with all other products
  • it is always better to emphasize either eyes or lips, but at night everything goes
  • red mascara actually looks good, even for a daytime look
  • best smokey eyes are achieved by applying a thin layer of brown Eye Tint Fluid Eye, then you apply quite a bit of powder over it, don't brush it off and in the end blend a darker eyeshadow allover  as a result you will get a perfect smoky eye

Last year, I have briefly presented  Armani Beauty when it came to Croatia. During this time, I had the opportunity to try two Armani liquid foundations: Maestro and Maestro Glow. I used them depending on the condition of my skin, the effect that I wanted to achieve and season. After that, I firmly decided that my next foundation will definitely be signed by Armani. Also, I heard raving reviews of numerous Armani lipsticks and lipglosses from my friends and readers,  so I instantly put them on my wishlist as well. You can only imagine the level of my excitement when I got to test the new redesigned Armani Shaping Foundation Brush for liquid and cream foundation, Lip Maestro in the new summer color 512 and Eye Tint Fluid Eye Shadow 19 Smoky Rock.

Haven't tried any Armani brushes up to now, I can not compare Shaping Foundation Brush with the previous version, but if I compare it with my MAC and Sephora brushes for liquid foundations in my collection, it is absolutely superior to them and I fell in love with it on first sight. The brush is designed in Italy and manufactured in Japan. This oval brush is made of 100% synthetic fibers and is soft as a feather. It also fits perfectly in your hand. In terms of application, it glides easily on the skin and its contours, and is particularly suitable for all liquid textures. Shaping Foundation Brush leaves a thin and uniform veil of foundation on the skin, for a perfect complexion. In short, the brush is phenomenal and frankly, so many miles better than anything I have tried so far, including my favorite sponges. If you need only one brush for liquid formulas, let it be this.

Eye Tint Fluid Eye Shadow is a liquid (but not really liquid) eyeshadow formula that creates a natural, permanent and individual make-up look. It lasts up to 16 hours and can be used as an eye shadow or eyeliner. It combines pigment of a powder, durability of ink and creamy feeling on the eyelids. In short, it resembles a cream that turns into powder when in touches your skin turns. The pigment simply blends with your skin. I have not tested it for 16 hours, but I can guarantee a 12-hour wear. I wore it as a base over which I applied eye shadow that I blended with an additional drop of Eye Tint Fluid in Smoky Rock. It did not crease and it can be mixed with any other make-up product in countless ways.

Finally, Lip Maestro is finally in my hands! After reading so many excellent reviews, the new color of this matte beauty from summer 2016 collection is a beautiful medium-pink hue, that you will be able to wear even if you are not light-skinned. Lip Maestro holds even through a light snack and drinking. On my lips it stayed on for 3-4 hours. In addition, please note that, unlike many other matte lipsticks and lip stain textures, it does not dry out your lips. For someone like me, who battles with very dry and problematic lips, this is absolutely the most important thing.

If you went through all the above written, my biggest problem now is that I am definitely fascinated by Armani products. Have you ever tried anything from Armani Beauty? Now I fear going near Armani counter because I know I will not be able to resist them. I think my next, autumn investment will be Designer Lift Foundation. However, the lipglosses also look so good ... :)

Complete look with all of the 3 new Armani products :)

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