Thursday, October 6, 2016

New In 1: Fairytulle

Since the last time when I promised you that I would write more, life has taught me not to make such promises. Work has been insane and pretty much nothing changed since my last article. However, what is also much more important, there were a lot of New Ins, so I will try to keep it short and sweet with bring ing you more pics and less talk. First in line, take a look at this Fairytulle skirt, a dream come true for all ladies who dreamed of being a ballerina (I even attended ballet classes) and who entered their adulthood watching Sex & The City. Remember Carrie and her tulle skirts? Well, Fairytulle can definitely compete with any Carrie's tulle designer. Yu can choose number of layers, length and color combinations. I had a couple of fancy parties to attend with nothing to wear (as usual), so this skirt was a logic choice. Pair it with a simple tank top, T-shirt, sweater and any pair of shoes, depending on your mood. Pretty much, anything goes.

Dreamy Fairytulle box packaging that you can use for storage afterwards.

Fairytulle Wish Pearl Gray

How cute is that Antique Pink ribbon?

And see it in action here:

You can buy Fairytulle here.

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