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Law of taste (LOT) is a blog about lifestyle, beauty, fashion and good living. Since everything in life should be done with taste, two modern young women interested in displaying our views of fashion, food, travel, design, art and decor with enthusiastic and style-conscious approach started their blog pointed towards trendy, modern and contemporary people. 

A successful merger of the history of art and the law of business, what started with an accidental desk sharing of four high-school years, turned into a brainstorming, idea sharing passion about taste in fashion, living and beauty. We are Lana and Ivana and we are writing under nicknames Foxy and CricketWe are the original and only authors of all written material.

Please note that Foxy writes majority of the beauty reviews on this site and her skin is rather sensitive, normal to dry, especially around the eye area, so she might prefer products for her skin type and hair/eye/lip coloring. They might not suit every and each one of you, so please be sensible when following recommendations on this blog. Always read the ingredients list and try all products on your forearm area before using them on your face, if anyhow possible. Most products that we review are funded by us and it will be visibly stated in our review if otherwise. All expressed opinions are solely our own and are in no way influenced by any specific brand affiliations, collaborations or partnerships, which will be clearly marked.

Also, please take into your consideration that we are open for all invites, inquiries, business cooperations, information and promo materials, so please feel free to contact us via our e-mail: lawoftaste@gmail.com